Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enjoying Time in Marysville, Kansas

I remember people saying to me, "Why in the world would you want to go to Kansas?"

I challenge anyone that might think there is nothing to see there, to give it a try.  One of our favorite towns in the entire country is there, Marysville.

We left Missouri, heading west, and stopped in Marysville, Kansas.  We had been here two years earlier and were so excited to come back.

The city offers free camping in their city park, but limits the stay to five days.  Really, that is long enough to see all of the attractions, but not long enough for us.  We like it so much there!

It may be a small town, but it has huge history!

This was the first home station for the Pony Express.  Their museum is not too big, but full of information and fun.  Our kids like to play on the pretend ponies and in the carriage.

The city pool is great.

The little old sod house made us appreciate our camper more.

Interesting sign at the Veteran's Memorial in Marysvale, Utah

Naomi by the lion mentioned in the Little House Books.
The Koester House Museum.

The Courthouse Museum is a MUST!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Colorado Springs, CO

Getting adjusted to city life was not easy as we settled into Manitou Springs, just out side of Colorado Springs.  We are country folk and don't really care for busy streets and traffic.  But, our campground at Krystal Kangaroo was somewhat rural with beautiful views of the mountains.  Surprisingly we couldn't see Pikes Peak from our mountain side, but the views to the east, of the Garden of the Gods, was exceptional.

We all enjoyed our tour of the Air Force Academy

The campground had resident bears with cubs...a little scary!

The deer hung out by the campers.

We enjoyed three different trips to Garden of the Gods.  I don't care for the name - it should be Garden of Our God - so that is what we called it.

I love the fact that there is no charge to get into the park.  The property was donated to the city with the condition that it would always be free to enter.

It is definitely not a secluded place to reflect on life; there are people everywhere!  Most parking lots are full to the brim.
But, it is worth the visit - really beautiful formations.

Of course the kids loved Focus on the Family's headquarters.  There is a huge kids area that is free to go to.  There are slides, activities, and more fun than a day can hold.  We went back 3 times!

Off-roading was a must while in this part of the country.  The dust was terrible, but the views awesome.