About Us

Summer 2007 - While standing outside their camper, on the shores of Table Rock Lake, in Missouri, Shae Smith said to his wife, "I think I could do this full time."  She agreed with that vision and that was the beginning of how the Smiths sold or gave away most of what they owned and headed out on the open road.  With a desire to make a difference in this wonderful nation, they have tried to make volunteering and helping others a lifestyle, not just a two week adventure.  Instilling character and a love for God and people are priorities to them.

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Shae Smith – Husband. Father. Age 47. Telecommunications Engineer. Likes spending time with his family most of all, but also enjoys four wheeling, reading, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, helping others. Army and Navy Veteran.

Sheri Smith – Wife. Mother. Age 44. Sheri home schools her six children, which in itself is a full time job. Currently, only 4 of the 6 are school age and two have moved on to get married and live successful lives as a full time reporter and federal law enforcement officer. Sheri knows her true calling is to be a wife and mother. She is an ordained chaplain, sports agent in the rodeo/bull riding arena, founder of WAR - Warriors And Rodeo, writer for newspapers and online magazines.   She enjoys writing, as well as all of the outdoor activities and adventures that the family go on. Navy Veteran.

Cody Smith - Age 24. Cody is a wonderful son and brother as well as a hard worker. He has helped build churches and camps across the country. He makes knives of all kinds and has written for ATV Magazine and Camping Life. He moved out of the camper to live his own full time travel life.  He has worked for the National Forest Service, Missouri Dept. of Conservation, Wind Cave National Park, Rocky Mt. National Park, Dinosaur National Park, and then attended the Federal Law Enforcement Academy in Rangly, CO.  Currently, he is LEO at Buffalo National Scenicway. He is a wild land firefighter qualified, white water rescuer, EMS, white water rescuer, and has his CDL.

Hanna Smith - Age 22.  Hanna is a full time reporter in southern Missouri. She is happily married to an EMT. While traveling she was published multiple times and was a consistent contributor to The Lemonade Digest Online Magazine. 

Naomi Smith - Age 15. This 15 year old is more mature than most adults. Her work ethic, reliability, and durability is to be admired. She works hard to do her school everyday, without having to be told. She volunteers every day for a non-profit started by her mother, Warriors and Rodeo. Naomi also works out, off roads on her ATV, mountain bike, and kayak.  Adventure and overcoming is her way of life. 

Gabriel Smith - Age 12. This young man is full of life. He does everything with zeal and excitement. Gabriel likes hiking, shooting, off roading, and adventures outside.

Josephine Smith - Age 9. She loves to draw, play with her siblings, study astronomy and play games. She is growing up fast.

Tytus Smith - Age 7. He loves to snuggle with mamma, have the attention of his three sisters, play rough with his brothers, and play with his toys.