SmithPRO shirts, hats, patches, gloves, and stickers!

Purchase this book that has two of Sheri's travel stories, and also two of her daughter, Hanna's, stories.

This book was compiled by another full time traveling woman. She has put together an entertaining variety of stories about women who have left the normal life and have embrace one of travel, adventure, and difficulties.

Most think traveling full time means a year round vacation. As you will read, women experience difficulties and challenges whether in a house or a camper.

Their experiences are hilarious and captivating. Some are wild while others will make you cry with empathy or laughter.

Jump in and enjoy a trip through a book with Chicks without Bricks.

(The Smith family does receive a portion of the cost of this book as payment. Know that by buying this book through the link on this page or any of The Lemonade Digest websites, you are giving to our family and our trip without bricks.)


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