SmithPRO LLC and subsidiares receives compensation from some of the companies whose products we review and advertise. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.  
Any reviews and testimonials do not reflect on the company who made the product.  They are ours alone and the people we interview.  In no way do we guarantee anything concerning a product or the company that makes or manufactures it.
(If it is about health or fitness, review the Medical Disclaimer)
However, some of the products are reviewed solely for informational purposes and SmithPRO LLC and subsidiaries are not responsible for the products, their terms and conditions, or advertised information.
If we are an affiliate of a certain product, we will be sure to make it clear on that review.
Why become an affiliate?  Because or magazine is free, we have chosen to use advertising and affiliate programs to make a living.  When you click on an add or link for these affliliate products and order within a certain time frame, we make a commission.
We are not affiliates for many of the products and links.
There are numerous products out there that our family loves and endorses.  I try to become an affliate for these so we can supply our readers with great products and make a commission at the same time.  Usually, we have paid full price for our product and as a result of our endorsement, we look into becoming an affiliate with them.
If you don't see a mention of us being an affiliate of a product, then we aren't.  We will try to make it clear to you if we receive compensation for a product.
The advertisements on the side bar and in multiple articles are paid advertisements.  We receive compensation for those.  We try to chose wisely which ones we put on but at the same time do not guarentee their products, beliefs, or services in any way.
I hope we can help you find good products. 

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