Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Condensation in a Camper...I Might Have Won the Battle!

The battle is over...I think I won.

Time will tell.

Cold weather is coming to stay and with it condensation in the camper.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know the struggles I have with condensation.

With paper thin walls and extreme temperature differences, water/condensation collects on almost every wall and fills every window sill, every morning.

Mold becomes a serious problem and has to be dealt with constantly.  In the past I thought I was going nuts after having to wipe walls and sills for months at a time.  I had to dig everything out of cabinets that were on the outside walls of the camper and dry them out every other day.

I tried putting charcoal in bags, Damp Rid, small dehumidifiers, leaving a vent open, and other things but none seemed to help much.  They all helped a little, but not enough to keep my sanity!

So, when my husband decided he wanted to try to stay further north this winter instead of say warm Texas, Florida, or Arizona - I was thinking - make a reservation at the nut house for me!

I love my husband very much and try to trust his judgement.  We don't always agree but I decided to just go along with this and make the best of the cold situation and stay in the cold with a smile.

I researched bigger dehumidifiers on line.  I don't have room for one that is larger than 30 pints and I definately want one that is on the quieter side.  But, after reading the reviews it seemed that none would work.

So, when I saw one at Walmart the other day I just grabbed it and set it in my cart.  I figure if it doesn't work then it will go back.

And guess what....

It works!  So far so good!  Tonight will be a test of its efficiency.  With temperatures dipping even lower and us still breathing as much as usual - we will see how much, if any, condensation is on the windows.

I hope it will do the job and the battle will be over and I will continue to be only half crazy instead of totally!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Day at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield in Battlefield Missouri

Looking into the past is an exciting part of our trip.  While spending time in southern Missouri, we decided to go to Wilson's Creek National Battlefield.  It was one of the largest battles in the beginning of the Civil War.  

This battle was the first major Civil War battle west of the Mississippi River.  It took place on August 10th, 1861.

Hundreds of men died here in a land that was torn between the north and the south.

The park has great walking, biking, and hiking trails.

Our family had a wonderful time there and can't wait to go back!