Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Break from the Camper

It's been over eight years on the road, starting with 

5 kids

then having a baby makes 6

the oldest gets old enough and moves out on his own with his new job

the second oldest gets a full time job in Missouri and moves out on her own

4 kids still at home

now only 6 in the camper

While we still love traveling full time it is nice to take a break now and then. Down from eight people, it's still tight quarters in our 42' fifth wheel.

There are cabins here and there that rent by the month during the off season.  Some are furnished with all household items that are used during the in-season.

While I don't want a break from the camper every year, it has been nice to take one here and there and stretch out a little.

The kids enjoy bedrooms and I am completely spoiled using the microwave, coffee pot, and toaster all at once with out blowing a breaker!  It's a miracle!!

Taking a shower and running the water in the kitchen - no screams from the shower turning cold!

A refrigerator that can hold enough food for a week!

There are many benefits of a house that I have grown to miss, but not enough to buy one!

Some people ask where we are, and to be honest, I won't tell. Because next year we may want this cabin again....don't want to share!

I purchased a tread mill to try to get the extra weight off. When we move back in the camper I guess I'll give it away.

Our table and Christmas tree. It's nice to have the extra room!

Our own bedroom with no bathroom in it and a lock!

A nice big kitchen for lots of baking!

Last time we were here most of us put on 10 lbs with all the fresh bread and good food!
Four burners, big fridge, and an oven - great to be the chef again!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Zion National Park Kid Adventures

We love the many adventures at Zion NP. You never know what you will find around the corner.  Our two youngest children have been enjoying their own adventures together. They want me to sit to the side and let them do a little exploring by themselves. I keep an eye on them, but they feel independent. Here is a little cave they found in a ravine at Zion NP

Teaching the kids to be aware of their surroundings pays off. Our 11 yr old saw a small herd of deer coming out of the ravine and heading towards a stunning formation.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is truly one of my favorite National Parks. The variety and uniqueness of its landscape makes for days upon days of adventure.

It had been many years since our family had camped near it, in Pahrump.  In 2009 we pulled through the area for a short two weeks. This time we only stayed a month, which was still not enough time.  We will be back next fall and I look forward to many trips back to explore this national treasure.

Give a child a camera and open up their eyes to an entire new world.

The slot canyons hikes are easy and stunning.

An adventure up a steep side trail 

A road of salt at Death Valley NP