Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Cat Came Back! what we did with our animals

Cody was walking around out back and there was Fluffy laying on the concrete! 
She found her way all the way back from her new home! It was about 2 miles down the road. 
Their house is going to be such a great place for her, I hope she will stay there. 
We will try to bring her back tomorrow.....boo hoo.....
Fluffy with her daddy, Eli, ride in a crate to their new home.

Fluffy and her daddy, Eli, made the move to our friends farm.
Eli loved his new home and his daily food service brought to him on
hay bales by their daughter.  He chased mice all night and
slept all day.
His daughter, was not so content, and kept coming back to our

We went to visit the kitties one afternoon.  
The kids had a blast
climbing the hay bales and petting their kitties.

(Fluffy never did settle in at the farm, but always snuck back home.  So, our next door neighbor took her in and was thankful for a good mouser.
Eli eventually died and we were thankful he got to spend the end of his life at such a great place.)

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