Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sick in Florida

Sorry it has been so long since I updated! You’ll understand why after I explain. We spent another week and a half after Thanksgiving at Shae’s Mom and Dad’s near Pensacola. We had a great time seeing everyone and getting to know the nieces and nephews again. I got real sick. I had a horrible bout with bronchitis. Boy, do I have more sympathy for people with it! We left there and headed to central Florida. We stopped in Marianna and south of Lake City. We got layed up there for a week. I was real sick and so was Shae and the little ones. Cody and Hanna were the only healthy ones. They worked so hard to take care of us. We didn’t really get to enjoy the area, just tried to get well. After that we headed to a Florida State Forest, Withlacoochee, west of Orlando. We can stay there for 1/2 price since Shae is VA disabled. It had great hiking and biking trails. There was a pretty lake, Silver Lake. We enjoyed walking and our trips to the beach at Pine Island on the Gulf coast. It was a little island that we just happened upon. We had so much fun. Shae and the kids went kayaking a lot in the ocean and in Silver Lake. It was strange to have to watch out for alligators. Yuck! Shae got a job while there. He didn’t start
until well into January, but we were thankful to know money was on the way! It has better pay and better benefits than the last company, but will be more hours. Thank you Lord!

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