Friday, May 22, 2009

I know...I am still pregnant!

I never thought I would still be pregnant so close to Gabriel's birthday! I am so overdue I owe the library fines! Ha Ha, that is my poor attempt at humor. I knew I would go over, I always do. I am not stressed out about it, just ready to be able to roll over again. I am ready to hold sweet pea in my arms. My feet are swelling a lot. Shae rubbed my feet earlier. Then, my neighbor, Meg, brought some support stockings to help squeeze the water out of my feet and legs. They feel much better. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness. It feels good to be tended to a little. My mom came out today. She stayed to visit and then I smiled my nicest smile and casually put out the white leather I had bought to make Gabriel new chaps and vest. My mom is a wonderful seamstress, so I hoped she would not be able to pass up this opportunity. She took the bait and stayed as long as she could! My mind has not been it's best this pregnancy, so even simple tasks can be hard. Thank goodness she helped me. It made it so much easier. They turned out great. She taught me a locking whip stitch, but I just couldn't get it after she left, so I had to sew it just regular. I still have to finish it up, but they are close to being done and they are wonderful. Gabriel wanted white ones to match Mike Lee's chaps and vest. Mike Lee is a pro rodeo bull rider. I was also blessed with some great tea that Meg made. it was delicious! What a day!
Earlier this week, I felt the Lord telling me to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. This is my last pregnancy and birth, so I need to take the time to enjoy and remember it. It is a choice. I could think about my aches and pains, discomfort and being overdue. I have to purpose to think positive and be encouraged. The devil was trying to remind me of all the things Shae hasn't done this pregnancy. How maybe we could have done some things different and then I wouldn't be in such a negative health situation. But, I didn't fall for it. I won't let satan divide us. That is just what he wants to do. I began thinking of all the wonderful things Shae has done for me. He is a wonderful husband, not perfect, but just great. I started thinking about times he was there for me. Shae rolled over and began to give me a whole body rub. My body ached so bad this morning. I was so blessed that God would put in Shae's heart to rub me. I felt like God was giving me a gift, rewarding me for my loving and supporting my husband. I woke up this morning wanting to cry and feel pity about my situation, but I chose to look at my blessings instead. God then blessed me with a gift through my husband. I not only made my body feel better, but more importantly, my spirit. I felt so much better in every way. I hope that all made sense. I am so tired, I might be jumbling my words a little. I do need to get my feet up and get to sleep....maybe tonight!
Much love,

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