Friday, September 18, 2009

Great Places to go near Custer, South Dakota

I'd like to tell you about a few other places we went to in South Dakota

4 Mile Museum

They had an amazing player piano in the giftshop. It played the piano and there was a drum in the bottom that played also! It was for sale. I would love to buy it. A little out of my price range at $3000. Besides, it wouldn't fit in the camper... ha ha ha.

There was a young man that was dressed up that walked around the "town"

Naomi loves the old typewriters. She is into the American Girls right now and loves the Kit books. Kit is a journalist.

The 4 mile Museum was cute and interesting. It is in the actual location of the 4 Mile Town that used to be there. It was named that because it was, yes, 4 miles west of Custer. There was also a 7 Mile Town. The museum was made to be like an actual old west town. It was very inexpensive to get in. We got a tape recorder that had a voice tour of the place. The buildings were pretty run down. The displays were ok. But, if you know us, we had a great time. We can have a great time in lots of crazy places. The kids loved running around and pretending they were in the old west. I did learn a lot. The audio tour was very informative. Some of the buildings were kept up fairly well. It didn't cost a lot to get in, so I do recommend it. It is an affordable place for the family to go and experience an old west town.

Spirit Horse Escape

There was a petting zoo and horse rides 3 miles west of the Four Mile Museum. It was nice. We bought little bowls of food to feed the animals at the free petting zoo. The horse rides were fun for the kids. They just went around in a circle. It was only $5. a piece. Sometimes these expensive museums are just too much for us so it is nice to go somewhere affordable.

Custer Courthouse Museum

It was a real nice county museum. $1 each. There was so much to look at. Cody thought the different taxidermy pieces were cool. They had an old mountain lion stuffed and one done with more recent taxidermy skills. The new one looked beautiful while the older one was quite scary!

Other Places
Hanna's beautiful photography.

Cody makes knives and sells them. He finished up a real nice one with file work.

Rock formations in the area are beautiful.

Bikes on Main Street in Custer, SD just before Bike Week.

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