Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What an average day looks like......

Gabriel decided to go on a camera shooting spree... this is life from the lense of a 5 yr. old.

He took pics of the signs on our bathroom door. We have no locks.

Hanna mending her shirt.

He took great shots of everyone, including himself!

Today was one of those long days. I got a call from the Rachael Ray show a few weeks ago. They are interested in our life. The lady on the phone asked me what an average day is like. Well, that is what today was, an average day.

But, with us, and average day

is wild and crazy!

I was so behind on chores. After waking up early and attempting to read my bible before anyone wakes up, Gabriel comes to join me for an early morning mommy time. Not long after, Tytus and Josephine wake up. Cody is helping the men today doing some volunteer work building a huge 36,000 square foot building. We went to their meeting and sent him off to work. Shae began working on his laptop in our bedroom/office/bathroom/sewing room/shower/storage room. Hanna had made eggs, and I began to make grits and bacon. I decided to make a double batch of homemade pancake batter to keep in the fridge and lots of sausage to freeze and take out as we want it. I didn't get the pancakes batter done until about 2pm. It seemed like a lot kept me from it. We ate in shifts and some began school work while others began their morning play. Between everyone needing me constantly and trying to do school with Hanna and Naomi, I felt like not a whole lot got accomplished on my list of chores I am behind on. At least the clothes piled all over my dresser are clean, right? Cody came back for a break and lunch. Gabriel and Naomi built a raft from some wood by our camper. It was a pitiful raft that they couldn't even pick up because it was so flimsy. Gabriel decided to try a huge pole and in the process got over 15 slivers in his hand! That took me at least 20 minutes to get most of them out and Shae did the rest. Everyone played while I cleaned and changed numerous poopy diapers. We were all extremely thirsty since we were out of milk and the water here is gross! Cody was supposed to work this afternoon and Shae and him were supposed to go help my uncle hang some lights. I didn't know what to do. I called my family and asked them if they needed the guys still today and they said no. So, it worked out great. They will hang the lights tomorrow! Hanna finished her school and began to help me get things in some kind of order. I carried Tytus in the sling a lot today. He is very happy in it. Shae moved his laptop down to my desk since I have the comfy chair and his back hurts pretty bad. He went over and helped with drywall after he finished his work, though. He is so tough! We had left over night for dinner. I took everything out of the fridge and defrosted it. I have to do that quite often. We cooked glazed carrots, cranberries, chicken, salads, chicken bites, made a pie and some had leftover hamburger on noodles with alfredo sauce. It is a great way to clean out our little fridge. Shae and I ran to Walmart and bought lots of water. We got back just after nine pm. I had to clean up the playroom so I could make beds on the floor. Josie and Gabriel fussed at each other until we finally had them in jammies, teeth brushed, kissed by all, and off to bed. Josie came out from the back and Hanna and I played her to sleep with our guitars. Cody worked on getting his Gold Medal of Achievement and Shae ate pie. I put Tytus down, fell asleep watching TV while my husband started snoring next to me. I woke up again, came out here and started on the computer. You see, I need to make about $20,000 to pay off our van and hospital bills. Then, we need another $300,000 to buy and build the home we want. We want to try to do it debt free. So, this blog will help with that. It is hard to type though. My L didn't work the other day, then it was the E, and now it is the S. I have to push real hard to make it work!

Well, today was an average crazy day, but a good one. I am tired and a little dehydrated. I am going to take my vitamins, and do some research on the internet. I might try to be to bed by 2am and then up at 7am for bible study and the start of another wonderfully crazy day!

I'll add pics later, the connection is too slow! (I finally have a good connection! I'll add the pics)

Good night,


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