Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in a Camper - Arizona

We have a very large 5th wheel, 42 feet to be exact. It is one of the largest that is made. My husband and I have a king size bed, huge closet, and dresser. There is one twin loft bed and two extra long queen size bunk beds. The kids have a 8 1/2 x 12 foot room in the back to sleep and play. It really is roomy, yet extremely squished! You know what I mean! So, to this big camper that is ridiculous packed with all of our stuff, we add a Christmas tree, garland, ornaments, lights, and presents. We have to squeeze down the two stairs that come from our bedroom. The presents piled high, there are 8 of us, so there can be a lot of presents fast, especially when you add to that pile the ones mailed in by loved ones.

The kids were so excited. We celebrate Advent, so reading our Barthalomew's Passage book, singing carols, eating cookies, and prayer is how we spent almost every night from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Well, this year we didn't get the whole book read by Christmas, so we will continue it until we get it done.

This year we stayed the night at my Aunt and Uncle's home. It was a lot of fun. They are so good with the kids. It is hard to find people that can truly handle six kids with two of them being young and very active. They really love our children and show it constantly. Of course, I can't complain. I am getting spoiled, too. Growing up I spent a lot of time at my Aunt and Uncle's house. My cousin Karen and I are the same age, so we had a blast giggling the night away when we were young. My Aunt has cooked hundreds of meals for me and tucked me into bed at least that many times. Now, she is taking the opportunity to tend to me again, and boy does it feel great. She won't let me hardly help in the kitchen. She doesn't want me to help clean up after. She loves to serve my kids and husband. She even cut my meat for me tonight, again. I brought her all of my mending and she not only sewed that, but also made skirts and doll clothes for my girls. She made quilts for my boys and Josie. She just keeps on loving us in such wonderful ways. The best gift they have given me is complete acceptance of our family and life style. I don't worry about Gabriel getting too wild at their house. I do try to train him, I don't just let him be a monkey! They just understand what a 5 yr old boy is like. When Josie fussed loudly at 11pm Christmas Eve, neither of them even said a word. I can see the pride in their eyes as they introduce us to others. They love us and are proud of us. I lost my father 5 yrs ago and I feel like my Uncle is a father to me and a grandfather to my children.

We had our nutcrackers on display.
Christmas was good, because we were with good people that we love and that love us. Sure, we got some great presents, too. It was nice to see the joy on my kids faces as they opened them all. Gabriel set a new record on how fast a child can open them all. Josie opened hers for two days she did it so slow. We enjoyed a wonderful brunch at my cousins as her and her new boyfriend entertained us with good food and big smiles.

The kids loved getting the most amazing barn, castle, and doll furniture made by their Uncle. The craftsmanship is so incredible. To have those made so perfectly and lovingly was such a blessing. He sure went above and beyond the call of duty as an Uncle!

It was a great day, crazy with all the kids, but that good kind of crazy.

Merry Christmas, thank you Jesus for blessing us on your birthday.

Gabriel sure enjoyed getting his huge barn made with love by Uncle Hogie.

Naomi was in shock by her table and chairs, hutch, and doll bed made by Uncle Hogie.  Aunt Sandy also made a table cloth and clothes for the dolls and for the girls.  She worked hours on Josephine's doll's hat.  It was so beautiful.

The castle he made is awesome.  It can fold up and be put away, too!

We got Shae a recorder for Christmas.  He could never play any instrument in school, except the recorder.  We have heard the stories numerous times.  He only learned to play Mary had a Little Lamb, and he does it wrong.  It was a great laugh.  He is so funny.

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  1. Wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a Happy New Year.

    Your camper is huge! We will be starting out in a small travel trailer pulled by our Suburban. There are 5 of us, but hey - the whole point to going on the road is have more quality family time, right?

    I love that you got to spend time with your relatives for the holidays. Here's to a healty, prosperous new year.

    The Long Family


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