Saturday, January 9, 2010

I've never been so hairy!

Now, this is my first and last blog entry on this subject.  I am going to start a new blog, just for women.  It is going to be a blog that we can talk about being a woman, for real.  I want to be able to laugh and cry about things that only a woman can understand and not make my male readers have to read it.  But, since I don't have that blog started yet, I am going to make a quick note on my wonderful experience today. 

I decided to go to the bath house for a shower.  I usually shower in our camper.  People have offered for me to use their home for a shower, when we stay with them, but I tell them very politely, no thank you.  I don't expect them to pack up their shower stuff and take one in my camper!  My camper is my home.  I shower in my home just like you do yours.  But, I just decided I wanted harder water pressure and thought I would head for the shower house.

Well, the water pressure wasn't much better.  I kind of got grossed out when I saw hair on the floor, and it wasn't mine.  I decided I am going to clean the shower house this week.  But anyways, I am so excited!  I not only washed my hair, but my body too!  Then, I shaved not only under my arms but my legs, too.  Now, not only around my ankles, but all the way up.....yes, past my knees even.....up to the top!  Hold on now, I even washed my body with soap. 

I know, you are jealous.  To not only wash my hair and body, but to even shave my underarms and legs all in one shower!  I am so lucky!  (Actually, I don't believe in luck.) 

Those of you who have babies can totally relate.  Those of you who have lots of kids can identify with what I am saying.  Those of you who have a baby, and lots of kids, and live in a camper, are looking at your legs right now thinking how you wish you could do what I did today!

I don't think my family even recognized me!

Wow, the wonders of soap, water, and a razor.  I feel like a new woman.  Oh, by the way, I didn't use a man razor.  I used one made for women!  That was a treat.  Although, I think my husband used it on his neck recently.  I'll not dwell on that!

I am going to go climb in my bed now and feel the soft sheets on my not so hairy legs.

Good night!
This is me doing some voluteer work at a church.  Tytus and I were mopping the floor.  The Romanian Church was getting ready to come use the facilities.
(For my male readers, don't worry, these entries will only be on my woman's blog from now on.  I don't want to bore you.)


  1. This post is so funny! I don't have the little ones to distract me, but I don't know how anyone could shave in a camper shower! Atleast, not ours...

    I've enjoyed reading your blog and left a blog award for you at my blog. I hope you'll stop by and pick it up.

    Off to shave my legs....:)

  2. Okay okay. Soooo this whole not being able to shave in the camper shower thing. Another item to add to my con list. Hmmmm. My pro list is by far longer at this point, but the cons are slowly creeping up with them.

    I too have enjoyed your blog. Thanks for the insight on a "not spoken of often" subject.



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