Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Camping with no electric, water, or sewer proves to be difficult

I have to make this one short.  I only have 30 minutes left on my laptops battery. 

We are at a campground that is $15 a night with no hookups! 

It does have a bath house and nice trails, though. 

The quiet hours start at 9pm and go until 8am.  That means no generator. 

Now, for those of us who full time, we don't sit by the fire every night of the week, even though we did tonight.  We sit inside and sometimes watch tv and play until bedtime.  I always tell people this is our home, it just has wheels!  So, not having a generator to run this laptop makes my work time much shorter at night. 

All the wee ones are in bed, and all of the big ones are too!  Just me, by myself, trying to get some writing done.

I guess maybe if we got some solar panels it would help, they are just so expensive.  We did buy a bigger battery for our compartment the other day.  That will help to keep the furnace running at night.  We do have propane heat, we just need some electricity to run the fan on it!  Then, the other night our old battery was almost dead and our refrigerator started clicking.  Come to find out, (I'm sure my husband already new this, just not me) that our fridge has to have electric to keep the pilot light on.  So, we need to find a way to have more electricity for these instances.  Now if we stayed in the National Forest or somewhere where we could run our generator at night when it is cold so we have heat, it would not be a big deal.  We are just in a park that has quiet hours.

Well, sorry so short.  The battery is getting lower.  I guess I will get out pen and paper and work on my book.  I am hoping to have it done by the end of May.  It is on our trip, how to do it, stories, and misc. items.

Have a great night.  Oh, one last thought, we are out of water, too!  Good times!!!

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  1. Maybe this reminds Shae a little of living in Mississippi as a 6-7 yr old with no running water and some electricity sometimes, baths down at the creek, or a Saturday night one before church on Sunday at a friends, or "spit" baths during the week (bowl/washcloth). It all adds up to stories! Ya'll are having some great stories -- that will one day make a great book!


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