Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Discipline gone wrong...

I believe in creative parenting.  We must out smart the we ones or there might be mutiny!  I try to do strange punishments sometimes just to get their attention and help them remember.

I always say that living in a camper exposes everyone's "uglies".  There is no going to a bedroom to stew about something.  We cannot hide it or disguise it.  Every attitude is out there for everyone to see.

I came up with the idea this morning that every time that someone talks in a negative, disrespectful way they would get vinegar in their mouth.  Cody hates vinegar, so I knew it would be really effective on him!  I poured it in a small bowl for everyone to see and smell.

So far this morning I did not have to put it on anyone's tongue.

I just got done making some noodles for lunch.  I dished up the little one's bowls.  As I got ready to hand Naomi her noodles, I took a bite.  WOW, those aren't regular noodles!

I accidently put her noodles in the vinegar bowl!  I am eating them.  It is not so terrible.  Naomi tried it and couldn't stand the taste. 

I guess my mouth will be the nice one today!

Love and giggles,

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  1. What do you never have to use vinegar on me! I'm an angel! The sweetest!
    I wuv u mommy <3
    Hanna :)


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