Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Changes on a Daily Basis

We have gotten used to changes in our life.  Weather dictates where we go a lot, so sometimes we think we may be leaving an area and then have to stay.  We only planned on staying in Glendale, AZ for a month and a half but stayed there for four months. We stayed at Shae's grandparents for 8 weeks last year but had only planned on staying a few weeks.  We were thankful we did, his grandfather passed away a couple of months after we left.

Sometimes the changes are easier and sometimes harder.  Today was one of those days. 

We have planned on being to Missouri by May for a long time.  We have paperwork to do, drivers licenses, vehicle tags, take some stuff out, etc.  It just seems like we have been moving like molasses.  Which, honestly, has been nice.  I think we need to slow down on our trip.  It gets too hard when we go go go go.  We have been planning on going to Texas for a couple of months, but it has gotten so late in the year, that we just can't do it.  We feel we need to get back to Missouri and get our stuff done.  Once it is done, we will enjoy our trip more.  The bad part is that we might miss seeing Shae's grandmother and mother.  They are going to be in Texas, and I don't think we will be back down there in time before they head home.

It was a tough decision.  Shae and I prayed about it a lot.  We talked about it a lot.  I know deep in my heart that going back to Missouri is the right thing.  Yet, I have looked forward to going to Texas for a long time.  I am hoping to find some land there to buy as a home base.  We are going to look in KY, MO, KS, OK, and TX.  We just want somewhere to go back to, not our permanent home.

I have learned to be flexible.  We never know from day to day where we will go or how we will get there.  Today I only knew that we had to head towards I-40 and then east.  I had no idea how far we would get or where we would stay.

I like it that way, though.  It gives us freedom to stop or go, linger or run, explore or nap.  There are so many options it can be difficult but a blessing.

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