Friday, October 15, 2010

Staying on track...Remembering why we travel.

When we first decided to sell our home and travel full time, we made numerous lists.
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Budget
  • Where we want to go
  • Goals
Some things we wrote were right on the money, while others were completely wrong.  Other lists, like our goals list has stayed almost totally the same.  But, so often I find us wandering from that list. 

We get distracted with so many different things such as too much sight seeing, continual chores that never seem to end, computer, tv, work, etc.  It is not that these things are bad in themselves, it is that anything can be done at the wrong time, too often, or not enough. 

The other day I looked at our list of goals we made when we first decided to do this trip.  I wouldn't change much.  In fact, I need to remind myself more often the reasons why we did this trip.  Writing a list and putting it in the bathroom will be the best reminder for everyone.  Any time I want the family to learn something, Spanish, Latin, bible verses, I put them on the bathroom wall.  It is a captive audience!

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