Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where to go next?

Every year or so, we had back to Missouri to take care of vehicle registration, dentist, doctor appts, visit family, and so on.

Each time we go through everything that is in the camper; under every drawer, behind every shelf, all the dark cabinets...I mean everywhere!  We have to unload as much as possible because I guarantee we will get more stuff as we travel the next year.  It is always shocking just how much stuff can be accumulated in 42 feet! 

It was so much work this time.  It just seemed to be harder than usual.  Besides the fact Cody had to have his wisdom teeth out and wee little Tytus had to have a filling, and a week and a half of sickness.

All of us had a great bill of health from the doctor, so that is great news.  Shae even got his cholesterol down!  Guess he will try to start eating all that butter and bacon again!  Just kidding...although I will have to watch him.

Deciding where to head to was difficult. 
  • fires in Arizona
  • fires in New Mexico
  • fires in Southern Colorado
  • smoke in Western Colorado
  • bad tornadoes in Central U.S.
  • too hot in the South
  • too hot in the South East
  • bad storms heading north
  • gas prices high

I printed up a map of the U.S. and marked off all of the states that wouldn't work for us this year.  It only left a few.  So, we are on the road again, no destination.  Things keep changing everywhere we think we want to head to.  Now there is horrible flooding to the north and central. 

So, we roam aimlessly.... It is kind of fun.

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