Monday, February 13, 2012

Taking a Break in the Snow with the UTV

Kawasaki Mule in the Missouri snow
Sometimes in the winter, we just have to get out and go for a ride.  So, for recess, Gabriel and I took our 
UTV into the woods to check out the snow fall and the beautiful woods.  It was a lot of fun to have some alone time 
with him, although my oldest son, Cody, came along on his ATV to see what the woods looked like with snow covering it.
The UTV did great in the snow and we only froze a little driving in the cold air. 
Adventure is necessary for an eight year old boy.  Taking to the woods, in the snow, with mom, definitely made his day.

Our time is so limited with our children.  School days can become long and boring.  Why not spice it up a bit - get a little crazy.  
Go do something fun!
My oldest son Cody came along to check out the woods on his Honda 250

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