Friday, October 19, 2012

Buffalo Facts and an Awesome Song by an Anonymous Smith Kid in 2009

While updating past posts on my blog I noticed I have quite a few posts on the Black Hills of SD area and the massive buffalo.  I thought it might be nice to add some facts about the 

Buffalo - Bison  we saw while on our trip.

I immediately thought this would be a great assignment for my daughter, Hanna, who wrote an article about the subject and posted it on our online magazine - 

Not only did she write an article, but she made a Flick album and a slide show.

The slide show is put to a song that one of my children - who wants to remain anonymous- sang into a cellphone while we were driving home to the camper after a really long day touring Yellowstone National Park.
Also, read the posts on this blog about our adventures in Custer State Park and Yellowstone National Park.

The song is just terrible and gross, so be prepared!

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