Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pando and Fish Lake in Utah - a must see!

Traveling through Utah brings more sights than we have time or money for.  How can a state be so full of things to do?

The National Parks alone have kept us busy yet, usually some of our favorite places are the ones that are off the beaten path; places that few go to.

Pando and Fish lake are one of those places.  

Pando is just one those words our family loves to say.  But what is the world is it?

Pando is the largest known organism in the world and among the oldest.  It is located on the shores of Fish Lake in Fish Lake National Forest.  After seeing a segment about it on the Salt Lake City news we decided we had to go.

We went after the Aspen tree leaves had fallen, which was a mistake.  Pando is a grove of Aspens that cover 106 acres and has about 47,000 stems.  If you have ever seen the Aspens change in the fall you can understand why I should have gone.  

The trees stretch up the surrounding mountains and valleys.  With Fish Lake at an elevation of 8848 feet above sea level, what seems like hills overlooking the lake is actually tops of mountains.  

We may have missed the color change but we sure didn't miss the beauty.  There were very few people there that day as our family hiked the trails among the trees and along the lake shore.
No moose but some snow - enough for a snowball fight!

We drove beyond the lake with the hopes of seeing some of the few moose that live there, but we couldn't find them.  Imagine that in a huge National Forest?

The serenity and grandness of the area made it one of my favorite locations.  I'm hoping to go ice fishing there this winter.

Our family made a video about it so check it out on -

TLDTV  - The Lemonade Digest TV at our online magazine.

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