Thursday, December 13, 2012

Travel Options are Endless

I just pulled up a map of the United States on Google.  

The options are endless!  Where do we go next?  

We spent a lot of money on gas to get out to Utah.  It was about $1100 in gas for our two vehicles to tow two trailers this far from Missouri.

Now, we hope to wonder the west for a while.  Utah alone has thousands of great places.  

It is always a labor of love to choose where to go next.

We always pray first and then get the map out.

Our time in the cabin ends January 31st.  It is a cold time of year to head out.  South or  further west would be our only options so we will look in those directions.

Since Shae and I are both military veterans, we have to go to a VA appointment every year and a half or so. Will we drive all the way back to Missouri for it or should we send him on a plane?  A plane ticket would be much less than the gas money.

Oh dear.

The decision is never easy, I wish it was.  The options are endless and wonderful -

It Sure Is A Nice Problem To Have!

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