Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Benefits of Full Time Travel - more time with kids

Ever since the internet got big, I have been receiving heart warming forwards that either make me want to cry, puke, or laugh.  There is always the forward that talks about the person dying in the hospital and wishing they had more time with family.

I am thankful I won't have that problem.  Each day I get to spend hours with my husband and children.  Full time travel has taken our life and magnified it.  We enjoy each other every day.

We don't wait for the one week vacation every year.  There is adventure and excitement around every corner and at every new place we go.

Yet, I feel that everyone can have this life even if not on the road.  Daily we can chose to spend time together and appreciate every day that God has given us.  

I remember my goal being five minutes of undivided attention for each child every day.  It was a moment with them alone to totally focus on them and their needs.  I was with them all day, homeschooling, loving, caring for and doing activities.  Yet, there was something more that I wanted.  I wanted to look in their eyes and show them that I am theirs and care what they have to say.

Now that we don't have as many possessions and activities to do at a house, we have more time to spend together.  Instead of vacuuming for two hours I can vacuum for 15 minutes and spend 1 hr and 45 minutes playing outside with my family.

Instead of mopping the kitchen floor numerous times a week, I can get on the my hands and knees and clean the camper kitchen floor in two minutes.

I have so much more time for my children.  This is time that is more than caring for their needs and teaching them.  I have time to look in their eyes and love them.  I can hold them for half an hour and not feel like it was a huge sacrifice of my time.  They can put on a play or tell me some crazy story and I have no where else I would rather be or need to be.

With so much less "stuff" to tend to, I have so much more to do with my family.
Spending time with the kids is so important to us.
Here we are sledding in the Tusher Mts. of Utah

I am so thankful.

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