Friday, March 1, 2013

Sickness in the camper is the poops!

Sickness in a camper is no fun.  There isn't anywhere to get away and have peace and quiet.  If I want to quarantine a child to attempt to keep the illness from spreading I might as well forget it.  There is no where to go!

Colds are hard enough but then think about eight people with diarrhea   Or what about all having the pukes at the same time!

Miserable is an understatement.  Sickness on the road is one of the things I dislike most about traveling full-time.  

And it never fails, whenever we visit family we end up sick!  Why is that?

With eight people in our family it can sometimes take weeks before a sickness cycles through everyone.  

Imagine a diarrhea smell permeating everything in your bedroom for days, because, remember -

the bathroom is in my bedroom!

Not only can you smell the diarrhea but you can hear the person going diarrhea   It is quite embarrassing when one of us girls has that issue and everyone is giggling at the table as they hear us go!

Of course, puking is bad enough anywhere, but in these small quarters it is extremely difficult.  We have had bowls and garbage cans stationed through out the camper for all who would need it.  Thankfully we have not had that type of flu this year and hopefully we will continue to avoid it.

If you need a nap - too bad!  There is no way it will happen.  During the first year of my new baby's life, I had two naps with him.  I had to stay up at night with him and then go all day.  

I am not complaining or griping I am just stating the facts.

So, the moral is -if you are sick - stay away!

You have no idea......

We spent the weekend with family and at
the Hoover Dam with visitors from all over
the world, so who knows where Tytus got
sick from!

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