Monday, April 15, 2013

Chores were not left behind in the house...they followed me into my camper!

I think I truly believed that I would have more free time while on the road and in a sense I do.  When I had my sticks and bricks I spent most of my time cleaning, sorting, and tending to things.  Our family was involved with more classes and clubs that took many a nights.  Now, our nights are spent with each other, around a fire, or working on our writing.  

My husband and I find time to spend together everyday! 

Not just once a week. 

We date everyday!

But, even with all of the benefits of travel, we still have normal life.  

We are not on permanent vacation! 
 Let me repeat:  
We are not on permanent vacation!

We have normal daily life -
  • wash dishes - we have no dishwasher
  • wash clothes
  • vacuum
  • clean rooms
  • do school
  • cook more meals
  • make sure everyone gets outside to run and play
  • spend time with hubby
  • pay bills
  • sort paperwork
  • sort clothes and school work
  • fix broken items in and on camper
  • fix van, truck, camper, flatbed, UTV, ATVs, bikes, and toys
  • change oil on numerous motors
  • decide where to go next
  • spend days trying to find a campground that will work for us
  • pray pray pray pray pray
  • visit people
  • site see
  • and so much more
It is so hard to fit it all in.  I thought that I would have time to read and relax more, but I don't.  That is OK, though, I have such amazing experiences and memories that it is all worth it.

When we had a house, I could put a pile of items in the basement and get to it in a few months, when I had more time.  Now, everything has to be sorted and put away daily, there is no room for piles!  Dishes can't sit overnight, and laundry has no large basket to pile up.  Things cannot go undone, but must be taken care of daily.  There is a benefit to that in that chores are not piled up for another day, yet it can get difficult trying to do it all everyday.  

The grass is always greener on the other side, and sometimes it is.  For me, I love traveling.  But, I have learned over the years that troubles and problems can follow us anywhere.  Will a lifestyle change solve those problems or just join you in your new life?  Traveling has not been the solution for my problems, but instead has given me a different perspective on life.  It has changed me to the core - forever.

The Grass is not always greener on the other side, it is just on the other side!

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