Thursday, December 19, 2013

From Camper to Cabin - a well needed break

While it may seem that I have disappeared, I have not. While it has been my dream to blog and write and inspire people to live lives that are valuable to God, others, and themselves, my priority is to my family. So while I have seemed to have vanished in the internet world, I have been living full time with my family.

The past eight months have brought many a changes in me. I would not even know where to begin to share our adventures since we left Utah. My heart has been touched, broke, re-built, then recharged, and to be broke again.
Winter brings much needed change in our life.

I have had zero free time.  I don't need free time.  It is a privilege.  While I may have been too busy to blog and write, I have not been too busy to reach out to my husband, kids, and the people God has brought to me.

The hours spent with campers, new friends, old friends, people in need, people who don't need anything, hurt people, happy people, and every crazy one in between - they have taken much of my free time and even more of my heart.

These past months have been amazing.  But now I find myself at the other end of the spectrum and am hiding out in a cabin in the Ozark Mountains for the winter.  My husband was determined to give us a break from the camper.  He has had his fill of traveling for the time being.  He has no desire to go anywhere and is ready for a break.

This is our third time renting a cabin.  The first was Wisconsin, then Utah, now Missouri.  

So, another adventure begins.  Day two in cabin - brown recluse!

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