Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bad Winter Great Cabin

I am so glad we rented a cabin for a couple of months!  Good Granny!  It is cold and snowy all winter!

My family up north would say, "Duh!"

My family in the south would say, "We would never live there!"

My family in Missouri is saying, "This is a really bad winter here!"

I am just saying, "It would be awful if we had been in our camper, in Missouri, this winter."

This is our third time taking a break from the camper and renting a cabin for a short time.  It has been nice to have flush toilets, lots of amperage in my kitchen, more room, couches, a big oven and fridge, two bathrooms, and three bedrooms. I could go on, but I might bore you.  The point is that I am really enjoying it here and I am so thankful we rented it.

Sadly, the electric rates are horrible this year. My family and friends have had to pay between $300-$400 a month. When the electric bill came in for this cabin, we were surprised at how high it was!  We ended up paying extra to try to help the owner out since electric is included in our rent.

With a month left before getting back on the road, I find myself excited to get back in my home, the camper. Although, I have to admit, I could rent the cabin for another month or two!

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