Friday, December 19, 2014

Part 1 Hawaii - put the sticker on the camper or not

Like most full timers we have the stickers on the side of our camper that show where we have traveled.  We always joked that we would bring our camper to Hawaii. Hawaii is one of those stickers and we never imagined that I would actually travel there. 

We made set rules about our trip stickers:

1. We can only put the sticker on if we have traveled there during our trip which started in      2008.
2. We have to have spent the night.

As the years went on, we decided that we put the state sticker on if:

3.  We drove through the state without stopping for the night.
4.  Any one of us goes there, not everyone.

So, Hawaii Counts 

I went there during our trip.  I stayed 6 days total.

It seems like a whirl wind.  How did I get there?  Did it really happen?

Actually, it started in 2008 - when we found Mike Lee.

Find out more in Part 2 Hawaii - coming soon

Sheri Smith in Hawaii
Photo by Faith Fay
To join the debate, watch our video as we discuss putting on New York, Pennsylvania, Lake Erie and more....  it is a cliff hanger.

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