Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Traveling fro HOT Chadwick Missouri to the Low Temps of Salida, Colorado - on the road again!

After a wonderful and exhausting spring in Chadwick, MO it was time to head back out on the road. It was great to run the off roading campground there where we have so many wonderful friends and family. But, with the heat indexes reaching around 100 degrees every day, we knew we were about a month later leaving than we normally like.

Often times weather does dictate our travels. We've learned to leave Missouri no later than the 3rd week of June if we don't want to deal with the horrible temps in western Kansas and eastern Colorado.  But this year we broke our own rule and stayed a month longer. Our daughter has moved to the Springfield area and is on her own now. Staying near her for the extra month was well worth the heat.

We left Sunday, July 12th and had a rough first day of travel. Many of you know that we take two vehicles - 

We brought the blue Raptor 80 ATV along for this part of our trip. We like to off road in Colorado and Utah and Gabriel is old enough to do so.  But, the flat bed that I pulled did not handle the lay out of the UTV and ATVs well. As I drove down I-44, it felt like the trailer was sloshy in the back and seemed to pull the van instead of the van pull the trailer. I got on the walkie talkie and told my husband how it felt. So, while we took a break at Precious Moments in Carthage, MO - he added two spare tires to the tongue to add weight to the front.  I got back in and it road a lot better. 

That night my hubby changed the trailer around again by putting our Raptor 80 on the tongue of the flat bed. Once he did that , it drove great. 

We spent our first night at the same place we always do when we travel across Kansas on Hwy 50 - Oasis RV Park. Great place to stop for the night.

Day Two - We left as early as possible because Shae (my husband), found a cracked rim on one camper tire. So, we found a Walmart in Pratt, KS where we waited over two hours for service. Temps were 105 degrees when my hubby got the new tires and installed them on our camper. We spent hours wandering Walmart and he spent hours sweating outside.

We parked for the night at the Sportsman's RV Park in Lamar, CO. It is a nice place to stop for the night and jump in the pool to cool off. 

Day Three - From Lamar we made the trip all the way to Howard, CO. It is a wonderful campground - Bandera's Bunkhouse  RV Park, Motel, and Horse Camp.  It is right on the Arkansas River, which I can hear from in my camper. It sounds beautiful. 

From our base at Bandera's Bunkhouse RV Park we had many adventures....
those are coming!

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