Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Drama and Problems

One of the things I love about full time travel is that when things aren't good somewhere....we can leave.  Pull up the jacks, hook up the camper and pull out.

Life is short and when we have to deal with the negativity, drama, rudeness, and selfishness of a spoiled and entitled society it makes a camping spot in the mountains even more appealing.

There are days I want to disappear and forget the internet, news, problems, drama, and anything that is petty and unfruitful.

Yet, sometimes we have to work through it. Running isn't the answer and facing that conflict or issue is what is required.

Balance is necessary in full time travel as in all of life.  Right now I'm ready to call out the Army against a few people who lie, steal, cheat, and take from my family and I. Then the other side of me wants to shut everything down to the outside world, some days I just can't take it.

So is the dilemma of a full time travel....when to leave and when to face it head on.  It can take courage to do either.

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