Monday, January 2, 2017

Home School Lesson They Will Never Forget

Our kids have participated in Royal Rangers and Missionettes long before we began traveling. Now, I do most the teaching as its hard to find a church near us that does those programs.

The lesson tonight was about meal planning and healthy eating. We were discussing cooking methods and I thought it would be a great opportunity to discuss cooking meat thoroughly.

I was in the military so the method - "SHOCK AND AWE" is a regular teaching method I use.

So, I Googled worms in meat. We proceeded to look at photos of worms in people that were caused by under-cooked meat.

I didn't show them all these photos since so many of them are beyond nasty. But, the ones I showed them made their point.

Tytus couldn't even look!

Tytus, age 7, and Josephine, age 9, were so disgusted they had to cover their eyes.  Josie kept trying to walk away as Naomi (my 15 yr old), and I laughed. 

This is when I remembered the video going around on facebook with Snoop Dog and how hot dogs are made.

We did a little more searching and found these...

The fun of home school 24/7

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