Sunday, July 28, 2019

Is Our Camper our Home?

As we sold our home and either gave away or packed up most of our belongings I reminded myself that my true home is with the Lord.  There are so many worldy good that we grow attached to but yet in the long term view of eternity, they have zero or little value.

I don't believe we should go extreme in any direction.  God blesses us with things that we can enjoy and use to make life easier. I have a bread machine, two mixers, washer and dryer, curling iron, and other items I could live without.

I'm not a minimalist, one of those people who think it is wrong to keep things that you might not use every six months. But I'm not a horder either. I like my pictures my kids drew when they were two and I can't get rid of my high school basketball jersey.

Whether we have a lot or little
Whether we live in a camper or in a mansion

Our true refuge is in the Lord
Our true home is in heaven

When we have to leave things behind or give things away to move into a camper - I encourage you to tell yourself what I told myself,

"I can't take it to heaven, so it really doesn't matter if I have it."

Put your focus on your heavenly refuge - in Jesus - here on earth and for eternity.

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