Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back in Missouri!

It is hard to believe we are back in Missouri. We had really wanted to go to Texas first. My blood glucose level was 215, which is way to high. So, we decided to come back here where we know doctors and midwives. I need to make sure baby and I are healthy. We are supposed to get really bad weather today. We aren’t even in Missouri 24 hours and already there is severe weather! Yikes! It is great to not have to look for alligators anymore! The weather is colder, but still nice. We have had a wonderful time on our trip so far. I was reflecting on the last six months. We had so many great times, yet I feel like we missed so many opportunities. We can’t go back and change anything, just learn from it. I hope we have made a difference for the kingdom of God. We are closer as a family and Shae and I are closer to eachother. We were able to meet so many wonderful people. I hope we were a light for Christ. I will try to remember them all in my prayers.

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