Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can't sleep, too much on my mind....

3-26-09 It is 5:30am. I just couldn’t sleep. I have so much on my mind. I know we
need to make money to buy the van, storage trailer, and pay for baby. Shae already works
so much, I wonder what the kids and I can do to help. We have enjoyed being out of debt,
it is hard to imagine going back in debt again. Yesterday we made the decision to get
health insurance through his company. It is so expensive! Over $600 a month! It is going
to be tough. I have had such a hard pregnancy this time. I’m not sure I should do
home birth. I have had bronchitis twice and am still struggling to get full breaths. Thank
the Lord my cough is gone. I still have a lot of phlem, though. I am in terrible shape
because I have been sick so much and haven’t been able to exercise like I should. So, since
I have been sick, not exercising, I think it has caused my body to not process blood sugar
like it should, so now I might have gestational diabetes! Yikes! I bought a glucometer and
my levels have been great, even when I have some sugar. Hopefully I will have the 3 hour
glucose test and it will come out fine. Now, to top it all off, my feet are swollen, even my
right leg! It may sound like I am doing bad, but I’m really not. I do feel so much better,
I have some energy, and am ready to get some work done! I am trying to update the website
as well as look into some business opportunities. Pray for us. Pray for Grandad, too. He
is in the hospital. His lungs filled with fluid and was having a hard time breathing. He had
finished his cancer treatments and was getting better, but still very tired. His heart rate
had been up, but had a problem with the medication. We hope to hear more today.
With love,

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