Friday, April 17, 2009

Working Hard and Grandad

4-17-09 It is amazing what can happen in a short time. I am sorry I haven’t written in the last 2 weeks. We are so busy trying to get things done. We couldn’t find another place to camp that was close and would let us keep our storage trailer there. Our storage trailer is 40’ long and has dry rotted tires. Shae just didn’t feel like it was wise to pull it far, and I trust his judgement, so I don’t get to sort through as much as I had hoped. I got about 5 feet from the front door and 6 feet in the back. I couldn’t find so many things we need. But, to be positive, I did find some things we do need. I am going shopping and will have to buy baby stuff that I couldn’t find. I am also missing some curriculum that I needed the older kids to start. I’ll have to buy that at the curriculum fair. We are hoping to find a 15 passenger van soon. It is hard to find them. We have to get a Chevy. They are safer. If you can believe it, our insurance company won’t cover a Ford! Their wheel base isn’t adjusted for safety issues, also, Chevy has many other safety features that the other don’t. We haven’t been able to find a Chevy we can afford, yet. We hate going back in debt over this thing. So, if some rich person is reading this and feels generous....well....that would be great! Ha Ha Ha! We also are trying to find a covered trailer, about 7’x14’. We found one, but they don’t have the title! Yikes! Baby will be here soon so we just don’t have time to mess around with this stuff!
Some really sad news, Grandad, Bill McClure, has gone on to be with Jesus. Oh how our hearts ache at his loss. We were just there a month and a half ago. He was just finishing up his cancer treatments. He was about 85. Our whole family was so close to him. It breaks our hearts to lose him, but so thankful that he had accepted Jesus into his heart and made Him Lord of his life. We are so blessed to have had him as long as we did.
Another update, I went to the doctor. She wanted to run lots of test on baby to make sure he is ok. She was concerned about the vitality of the placenta and his development since I have not had full lung capacity the whole pregnancy. Well, baby boy is perfect! I knew he was! The only thing we are waiting on is the results of my chest xrays. I find out Monday. I have felt better the last couple days thank the Lord.
I better run, I need to find my bible and do bible study this morning.
Much love,

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