Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doctor has negative report...

I feel like things are spiraling out of control. This is why I don’t like to go to doctors, yet I have to listen to them for the sake of my baby.
I usually do home birth. I have a state certified midwife who has been wonderful in the delivery of three of my children. But, this pregnancy has not been normal. I had two really bad bouts of bronchitis this past winter. My lungs still aren’t totally clear. I am out of breath and don’t have a lot of energy. I felt like I needed to have baby in the hospital. I was thinking that if I was too tired to go through labor that an epidural would help me out. So, I went to see a doctor. She actually did a home birth for her own child. I hoped she would be more understanding ….well…. I don’t know if she is more natural thinking or not. I saw her last Tuesday. She ordered all sorts of tests because she was concerned about the health of the baby. I had an ultrasound and heart rate test, oxygen in my blood test, and chest x-rays. Baby was great and the chest x-rays were clear. She was concerned that maybe I had a fungal infection in my lungs, asthma, an enlarged heart, or left over gunk from bronchitis.
I went back yesterday to see the doctor. She was upset because I hadn’t used the inhaler she had prescribed. It was for asthma. I looked it up on line and the side effects are bad! I didn’t want to start using it unless we had ruled out the other problems first. Why expose myself and baby to potentially more harm if not necessary. Of course, then she pulled out the scare tactics. I don’t want to be in denial or na├»ve and I want to have a level of trust with her. So, I listen to her, but think for myself. Shae and I have had too many problems with doctors and hospitals to just blindly go to a doctor and do whatever they say. Well, doctors tend to not like it when the patient actually thinks for themselves and double checks the doctor’s orders. She said baby has a better chance of still birth since she thinks I have asthma. She wants to do weekly testing on baby as well as another ultrasound on his kidney’s today. Come to find out, the radiologist reviewed the ultrasound and put in his notes that “I” have enlarged kidneys. The doctor said that is normal for a pregnant woman. I told her that the ultrasound tech never checked my kidneys. So, the doctor thinks the radiologist made a typo and meant the baby has enlarged kidneys. I asked if she could verify with the radiologist. She said no. So, because some radiologist “may” have made a typo, I have to go to another hospital today to have a special ultrasound done to make sure baby is ok. I would love to say no. It seems like the radiologist who made the possible typo should have to clarify what he meant, me or baby. But, the doctor said that he can’t so I just have to go spend my money and time to have some special ultrasound done. This is why I hate going to doctors. It is so ridiculous. But, because I love this little baby, I am going. I care more about him than my time or money. I am sure he will be fine, even the doctor said she thinks it is nothing. She said that their ultrasound equipment is like a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. This ultrasound place I’m going to is a 7 on that same scale.
The doctor does think it could be asthma. I have a really hard time believing that. I started the inhaler yesterday. I will do it for baby’s sake and then after I have him I will stop taking it. I think I will perk up after the birth and I get more exercise.
I will let you know!

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  1. Wow, sorry about all the hassles...

    Jehovah Shamah..."The Lord is THERE!" He is there! TRULY, HE CARES for you! May He SMOOTH your path and PRESERVE your lives and health for the Sake and Glory of His Name and for the love of HIS CHILDREN! Amen


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