Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ultrasound update

Talk about up and down. I cannot stand drama but it seems like there is a lot of it in my life right now. I went to the ultrasound Tuesday. The tech said that the paperwork looked like the radiologist had a typo and the baby does not have enlarged kidneys. She said she would go ahead and take a peek though. So, as she began to peak, her face got serious. She said she could not diagnose baby boy, but it was a good thing we came in. Well, that certainly doesn’t put us at ease. We left a little upset, but trusting that God has what is best in mind for us. Monday, my doctor said that if the baby had swelling in the kidney I couldn’t have the baby at her hospital and would have to go to a big one in a near by city. (I am trying to keep hospitals and doctors names private so strangers can’t find me.) So, Shae and I assumed that I will probably have to go to the hospital that I have absolutely wanted to avoid. To go from home birth to this huge hospital seemed like more than I could handle. But, thank goodness “I can do all things through Christ who give me the strength”.
I called my doctor’s office today to get the results and they said that the baby is fine. His kidneys are fine. They will just do an ultrasound of his kidneys after he is born. I CAN birth at their hospital and will not have to go to the big one! I was so thankful! This hospital is much nicer. I labor, birth, and recover in the same room. They do not take the baby away from mom. I can bathe him myself in my room in my Jacuzzi tub! I’m still not pleased with the scare tactics of my doctor, that she pulled out the day before, but I will forgive her, for well, being a normal doctor…. Ha Ha Ha. I know they have to say everything to protect themselves from lawsuit and sometimes they think they are doing what is best. We dealt with so many doctors over the years with Shae, we both are just plain sick of it.
But, thank the Lord, this one seems to be working out. I have another appointment soon, so hopefully things will be great. I realllllly don’t want more drama!
God bless you and thank you for your prayers!

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