Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back to the country...

I woke up to birds chirping, not men talking.
I woke up to the nice cool breeze, not the thick air since there is no breeze parked between close campers.
I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, not the neighbors slide out.
Oh, it feels so good to be in the country again. We moved yesterday from the campground we were at to our friend’s house out in the country. They have electric, sewer, and water hook ups. Glorious! They own about 25 acres and we are in the middle. It was so great to have two vehicles. Early in the morning, Shae towed our flatbed over with all the ATVs and bikes on. Then came back and towed the beast of a storage trailer over to our friend’s house for a year of storage. We followed along in the van. I was not going to ride in the truck while he hauled the monster! Thank goodness we weren’t going very far! That storage trailer is so huge! I don’t know how many times it almost scraped the pavement in the back. Hanna and I kept saying, “AAAHHHH” as we drove behind them and saw all the close calls! I followed Shae down into the cow pasture in the van. Ol’ Johnny the bull was there. He didn’t even look at us. Shae got it parked where it was for the last six months. They got it all ready for sitting there while Gabriel and I slowly walked towards the cows. We were being brave… We were being tough… We were going to get us a cow… Now, remember I am nine months pregnant, so what seemed close to the cows for him was not very far from the van for me. I knew I could run that far if a cow came at us. It was fun. We stared down Jonny the bull and told him we weren’t scared of him! Of course, he was across the field from us. That was close enough!
Well, we left there, got the camper ready to move, then Hanna, the younger ones, and I went to Walmart shopping while the guys pulled the camper over. I wasn’t having my best day health wise, feeling exceptionally pregnant, so Walmart was very slow. We finally got our shopping done and headed to our new home. I drove up and wondered, “Why on earth did they face the camper that way?” I knew better than to just blurt it out after I parked; when the guys had worked so hard to get it there, that comment would be very insensitive. So, I pulled up and with a smile, whispered to Cody, “Does it have to face that way?” Cody answered, “Mom, we have been working for two hours to try to get it level. We have faced it every direction and this is it. It has to reach the sewer, water, and electric and this is the only way it can go.” I decided to not let this little disappointment ruin my excitement to finally be where I had wanted to camp for the last three weeks. I have also learned to trust my husband. He is so smart and knows what he is doing. If this was it, I knew he had tried his hardest and this was it. Cody did mention that, “Hey mom, when you open the blinds in the living room dining room kitchen (it is all one room), you’ll have this beautiful view. Well, he was right. It is Sunday morning and I am sitting here looking at a beautiful sunrise while I type this blog. It is so beautiful here. I am going to close now, get dressed, and head out for a walk. There will be no cars, no noises, just the wonderful country. I am so thankful to be here. It is perfect.
Love Sheri

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  1. Ditto to it all mom! It's great here! Great blog, too! Luv you!!!! :D


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