Friday, May 8, 2009

Doctor wants to induce?!

Friday, May 8th.
My appointment Tuesday didn’t go so well. I am healthy, baby is great, but the doctor still wants to induce next week! You have to remember, I usually do home birth, so for me to even go to a hospital is hard. The doctor had me up my asthma medicine. She thinks that I have prenancy induced asthma. It should go away after I have the baby. I sure hope so. Also, she wants to give me an epidural at 4 cm. That seems awfully early, but I am not going to argue with that. I get out of breath going around a parking lot, so I do think labor might be too hard without a little help. That is why I chose to go to a hospital, and not have baby at home. I really don’t want to be induced, so I am just hoping to go into labor before that.
We are ready for baby finally. This past Sunday we had everything ready. Talk about cutting it close!! The camper is very clean, baby clothes washed, I put a curtain up around the shower for extra privacy and a curtain in Naomi’s bed for her to be able to change and not worry about someone seeing her.
I am going to run. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and updated this website and now I am going to read my bible. I really need the word and to enjoy the presence of the Lord. Sheri

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