Friday, May 15, 2009

Still No Baby! Yikes!

Where is the little feller'? All my children seem to really like it in the womb! Tuesday went well at the doctor. She did not push inducing, but of course recommended it. I think she said more to cover her hynie for malpractice. My cervix wasn't ready at all so inducing would have included a medication to ripen my cervix, administered during an overnight stay at the hospital, then putting pitocin in my IV to start contractions. Now, there is no guarantee this will work, so I could spend 2-3 days in the hospital and then be released or have a c section. So, why would I want to induce? The doctor thinks I might have pregnancy induced asthma or it could be just left over from bronchitis. She doesn't know. Women who have asthma have a higher risk of still birth. She said it is a very small minor risk higher than every other woman. Inducing has tons of risk also. It was a tough decision, but we decided that the trauma of all the medications, harder contractions, and possible c section was not worth risking at this point. Baby is doing great and so am I. I am feeling better, thank goodness. I started going to the chiropractor. He said he thought my immune system was worn down with all the stress of sorting, packing and moving. Then I got sick in August and then got pregnant. I must admit, there has been a lot of stress on this trip, too. So, he thinks I just haven't been able to totally recover from all of that. After I have sweet baby I should perk up. I am walking more and trying to be more positive. A lot of people have prayed for me and I believe the good Lord's grace is sufficient for me.
Must run,
Love sheri

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