Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doctor Diagnoses and Wallace State Park

July 13, 2009
Wallace State Park was very nice. Our campsite had a really long pad so we were able to park the van and trailer behind it also. It had two good playgrounds and last night the kids played in the water faucet at the one playground and got soaked!!  The other playground had one of those backhoe toys you sit on and scoop dirt. This morning Gabriel told me a story about how he was getting red leapers (?) with it. He had quite a huge story about it. The kids and I took a very nice walk around a field picking flowers and looking at different kinds of trees.
I talked to Dr. Sohrab, she said I have severe asthma. I told her about all the mistakes she had in her doctor’s report at my last appointment. She said that my history doesn't really matter, the fact is that I have asthma now. My concern is if insurance gets that information they will say my condition is pre existing.  I also talked to the guy from the pulmonary lab. He agreed with her diagnosis. They both said to stay on Pulmicort and Proair . They both said I have severe case of it right now. My peak flow reading is 150. At the end of my pregnancy it was only 124 at its best. It should be 400. I’m in the red danger zone, but hopefully starting back to the inhalers will help.  We've left MO heading towards drier climates so hopefully that will help also. After 2-4 weeks on the Pulmicort I should notice a difference. The lung specialist said two cups of strong coffee is a good in the field remedy for an asthma attack. Dark Chocolate helps an asthma cough according to the Pulmonologist. I also talked to a nurse and she said she uses caffeine to control her asthma. Another lady told me apples are the best food for asthma.
I’m not totally sure I have asthma, I think it was a combination of things that started this. Stress, pregnancy, bronchitis, exposure to fumes, I think it was all more than my body could handle. I do have hope that I’ll not have to live with this, though all the reports I've read say there’s no cure. I know that Jesus is my healer. He can overcome anything.
We’re on our way and are in Kansas now. It’s very beautiful. Low rolling hills with lots and lots of farm land. It’s a lot cooler up here, yet still warm. We were able to play outside even in the middle of the day. Down in southern Missouri it was too hot even at 9:00 am.

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