Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Few Hours Back on the Road! I Gotta Pee....

Woke up early hoping to get off early this morning since we didn't get off last night. Thank goodness my mom made us lunch and dinner yesterday and Meg made us biscuits and gravy this morning. Sure saved us a lot of time not having to clean the kitchen. We really appreciate their thoughtfulness.. It was really hard to say bye to mom. She cried as she hugged us. After breakfast it still took us about 2 and a half hours to get ready to go. It takes awhile to get things ready to go after we've stayed somewhere for a long time. The trip is going to be harder this time out. The two biggest changes are that we have a wonderful baby, and I'm not well and am trying to still get my lungs clear. We're heading west, so hopefully the dry air will help me some, but I’ll talk more about that in another entry. I’m driving the van this time, having little Tytus made it where we wouldn’t fit in the truck anymore. We bought our 15 passenger van and now we’re like the typical home school family with a van full of kids! Behind my van I’m pulling a trailer that has 4 ATVs, 3 kayaks, and 7 bikes, and a 4 horse boat motor that we’re hoping to scrounge up the money to buy a boat for. Shae and Cody got the camper all hooked up to the truck and we pulled out somewhere around 1:00pm. We didn’t make it 20 min down the road before Gabriel said he had to pee. We had a little pee jug we got when Shae had his kidney stones removed. So Naomi got that out and Gabriel tried to get his wee wee out of his pants and into the bottle while still in his car seat. Hanna and I were panicked when he didn’t get his wee wee into the bottle, we knew that pee was gonna get all over the van.
“I have to pee and poop!” Gabriel announced after unsuccessfully getting the bottle fixed. I got the walkie talkie and told Shae the bad news. He told me to pull over wherever he pulled over so Gabriel could use the toilet in the camper. There was a place to stop on the side of the on ramp leading onto I-44. We stopped there and I took Gabriel into the camper. He then told me he didn’t have to go poop, just pee. I told him he was going to sit there until he pooped since we had to stop. After a minute I realized that there was no poop coming, so I got him off of the toilet and brought him back to the van. I opened up the door to find Tytus bright red screaming. You know how babies wake up whenever the vehicle stops moving. I kneeled next to his seat and did the nursing over the car seat bit. He was very hungry and very happy to nurse. Tytus began to fall asleep so I quickly got back into the drivers seat and told Shae to get back on the road quick. Hopefully we’ll make it more than an hour from where we were. All the kids are sick except for Tytus and Naomi. Hopefully they’ll get well soon. We’re suppose to be in Nebraska tonight, but that’s not gonna happen. I’m not sure where we’ll end up.

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