Monday, January 25, 2010

Sick of being Sick

We were so blessed.  After we left Missouri in July, we had no sickness until we got to Phoenix in November.  It seems like since then we have battled one sickness after another!  I am so sick of sickness!  I don't understand why people go out when they are sick.  It just passes their illness on to others.  When an illness hits our big family, it can take weeks to cycle through.  Plus, I am trying to get my lungs healed and getting cold after cold is not helping me.  About 2 weeks ago I though my lungs were almost totally better!  Now, we have a cough going through our camper and a different illness, a fever!  Two more of my kids woke up this morning sick, one with a cough, one with a fever.  This is my advice to everyone...
The other thing that really erks me is when someone tells me they are healthy and they are not.  They really are sick.  I can't even count the number of people that have lied to me in the last year about this.  I don't understand it.  I guess they have never had six kids and lived in a camper.  They don't realize how hard it is on our family to go through a sickness.  Maybe they have never had lung problems.  But to lie is just plain wrong. 
So, we are done.  No more extra activities for a while, until we are all healthy.  We won't get to go skiing this week now, we won't get to go to Julie's for a play day, we don't get to go to church or Aunt Sandy's.  My kids get to stay in bed with fevers and coughs.  I hope who ever felt the need to be by us with a cough and fever can learn to stay home when they are sick and not pass it on to others.
I know, I sound upset, well, I am.  It takes a lot to make me mad, and this was enough.  I pray, I pray a lot.  And we are taking authority over this.  But, I have learned that God gives us free will.  If we choose to go out and infect others, they may suffer the consequences, like we are. 
I hope you have a better day than us.  I will try to pray and get a smile on my face.  I will look for the jewels in my day.

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