Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ants in My Pants ...Ready to Move On!

Cody has had a wonderful time working with the men building the new church.  This is HL.  He is a wonderful man that does drywall with Cody.  HL is 77 years old and still working hard.  They all do it for free, for the Lord.

He also enjoyed riding through the huge puddles made by the big storms that came through last week.  We went into the building during the worst of it.  I don't like being in a camper in a tornado watch.
We love to ride bikes in puddles.  Running through the cold water makes me feel like a kids again.  Josie was soaked!  We also danced in the rain with our umbrellas.  It is fun to just be silly!

Hanna had a great time acting in Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames.  It is a powerful play.

We made the trip to the US Airways Phoenix Suns Stadium for the Disney on Ice Show.  It was great.  The kids loved it.  It was quite an adventure driving down town.  I don't know how many people got aggravated with my slow driving.  They were probably saying, "Go back to Missouri, you hick!" 
I'm not a city girl, but we sure enjoyed the show.

We have been near Phoenix Arizona for over 2 months now.  We haven't done a lot of sight seeing.  I call it homesteading.  Every now and then we need a break from traveling and sight seeing.  We came here and did our dental, doctor, paperwork, mail, and rest.  Usually two months of this and we are ready to go.  I'm not sure where we will head next.  Grand Canyon is too cold, San Diego would be great.  Or, do we head toward New Mexico?  Shae looked at his drivers license and saw it expires in March.  We called Missouri DMV and they said he can get a six month temporary extension to give us time to get back there to renew it.  We are in no hurry.  It is time to get a new vision.  It is time for me to hear God's voice about where to go and what to see.  I need to have some fun.  I want to get a little wild and just go see some great places, go kayaking, four wheeling, and hiking.  The seriousness of life is trying to get back on me and I know that I need to give those things back to God and enjoy the life He has given me.  I know there are people out there that need help and to hear the truth.  We have a few weeks left here.  I'm going to start having way too much fun.  I think fun is a choice.  I think a good attitude is a choice.  I still have sick kids, I still have debt, I still have a to do list that is ridiculous.  I have to get taxes ready, I still haven't applied for my VA benefits, I am working on writing books, I need to do more school with the kids, Cody needs to finish making his knives, my laundry is always there.  Tytus is awake, and it is way to late in the night for that.  I know there will always be things to do, but I will find time for the preciousness of life, each day, for the days are short and each one is special.  Gotta run,
Tytus is holding on to my leg wanting up.

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