Sunday, January 31, 2010

What do we do for work while traveling full time?

So many people wonder how we can afford to travel full time.

1. We sold our home and most everything we owned. We sold three vehicles and one camper. We had enough money to buy our camper and truck debt free. My husband got laid off one month after we sold our home. We were thankful to only have $2000 left of debt to pay for. He sold his dirt bike one week after getting laid off. We used that money to pay off the $2000 of debt we still had. We lived on his unemployment and Veteran’s benefits (he is 50% disabled) for three months.

2. My husband is and engineer. When he lost his job at one company, we knew God had something better for us. It was kind of funny because when Shae got the call we were in total shock. He is an excellent engineer. We couldn’t believe his boss would lay him off! Within 5 minutes of his “laid off phone call”, he got another one from a co-worker that was shoot fire mad. Then ATT workers called and were so mad that they emailed Shae’s company and told them what a mistake they had made. God was so amazing. He defended Shae and Shae didn’t have to do it himself. Shae did enjoy a little time off, and we were actually really excited. We knew God had something better for us. You see, we have had a lot of hard times in our life. God has always been faithful to see us through them and bring us out better on the other side. We knew that He would bring us through and out to a brighter future. Well, sure enough, come January God opened the door for Shae to work at another company making more money, better health benefits, way longer vacation, and could still work from a laptop in our camper. Of course, his new boss said, “What! You live in a camper! You will be settling down soon, right?” Which my husband replied by telling him that no, we would not be settling down soon. We would be on the road and he would work from his laptop in our camper.

So, as long as we have internet signal and cell phone signal during the week we are good to go. That does limit us on where we can camp. We were hoping to be in the National Forest and BLM lands more. We are going to try to do that more as we head out from here in a few weeks. We only drive about 3 hours a week. We leave Friday afternoon, Sat. or Sun. Drive about 3 hours and then stay a week or two, or more. During the week the kids and I enjoy the campground, do some sightseeing as my husband doesn’t always like to do all the sightseeing we do. Then on the weekends we do the big sights that he wants to go to. Or, we just hang out at the campground and enjoy hiking, biking, ATVs, kayaks, or just hanging out.

3.Oh, by the way, I do sell baby slings and am doing this blog and website  and am hoping to make more so we can eventually buy some land debt free! I also speak at different functions.

4. We are very careful where we stay.  Our budget for campgrounds is $500 a month or below.  We also do a lot of volunteer work and usually we stay for free at those campgrounds.

Josephine dressed up Shae while he was working. 
We took half of our closet and put in a cheap Walmart desk.
He sits on a stool and works there.  I have all of my
clothes on the top shelf and his are hanging and folded on the bottom.
I have one set of shelves on the right and his are next to them on the left.
We took out the mirror closet doors.  I was concerned that one of the kids
would jump on the bed and fly through them.
I put up a curtain rod with nice fabric shower curtains that
we can pull over the closet if we have company.
Company, ha, I've decided it is close to impossible to have

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  1. Shae seems like a pretty grown up princess. Younger babies are much more difficult to move around with, thats why many mothers adopt using slings and baby wraps for themselves.


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