Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thought we would leave today, but not gonna happen!

Sitting here eating edamames and the kids left over chow mein for lunch.  We thought we were leaving this campground today, but we just don't think we can be ready to leave by 1:30pm.  We want to leave at that time so we don't have to hit the Phoenix traffic.  You see, I pull a flat bed with four atvs, three kayaks, and a bunch of bikes and gear behind our 15 passenger van.  My husband pulls the fifth wheel behind our Dodge duelly. 
I am not as good a driver as him, so I really don't want to drive on the freeway when the traffic is real bad. 

It is nice to be easy going and not have a bunch of reservations to have to keep. 

The negative side to that is sometimes the campgrounds we plan on going to fill up by the time we get there.  So, we just find somewhere else.  I try to stay away from deadlines and reservations as much as possible.  Especially with having six kids and traveling so slow.  It is very difficult to get places sometimes.  It is so nice to just be able to go when we want and where we want. 

It did come at a cost though.  We don't have a home, we got rid of most of our possessions (did I spell that right?  It doesn't look right to me. Oh well, I don't have time to find our dictionary.)  We all cram in this camper and have very little privacy.  There are a lot of draw backs to our lifestyle.  But, for us it is the right thing. 

We love it 90% of the time and go crazy the other 10%.  Although I have to ask myself, "Is this problem caused by our lifestyle of would we have this even if we lived in a house?"  Anyways, I thought I would take a moment to write a note on my blog.  It seems to be harder and harder to get on here.  I usually do it at midnight, but have been really tired lately.  I have a couple of incredible stories to tell you, both are some of the most amazing of our entire trip.....so on that note, check back soon.  I hope to have them up in the next day or so!


  1. I soooo hear you on the traffic thing! We pull a modified flat bed trailer with an aluminum box on it that holds all our stuff....this is what we have used for 3 years now traveling from one apartment to another. It is crazy driving in traffic with it! Especially DC traffic! I had to do it a few months ago and told the kids that if there was one peep out of them for the next hour they were going to have to walk...I was that stressed! We will now be towing a travel trailer....much bigger! So I think I will have to make sure my husband is always able to drive in the bigger cities! I plan most of our trips AROUND trsffic times too! It makes life a little bit easier when mom isn't stressed! :) Can't wait to hear your stories! Many blessings!

  2. Hey Tracy! Glad to hear I am not the only one that doesn't like traffic! The good news is I made it through Phoenix! I am so glad that drive is over. I-10 is a beast at any time of day. I love the back roads. They are much easier to drive. I checked out your profile. It sounds like we like a lot of the same books! God bless you and your family.

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