Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What 5 yr old boys do with free time.....

Kids will be kids.  We all know that.  Well, I have six of them, so my stories are endless.  It seems like a majority of the excitement, activity, and laughter revolve around my 5 yr old, Gabriel.  He is not a bad boy, or ridiculously wild, he is just a boy...300 percent boy that is.

I think it is very important for the kids to have some free time.  I teach them that free time is a privilege, not a right.  We sometimes have to do school, chores, and work and then not get time to play that day.  It is important for them to realize that from a young age or we get these teens and adults that want to have too much play time and not enough work!  Well, off my soap box now....

I do give my children as much free time as I feel is beneficial, which is a lot at age 5.  It is fun to sight see and travel, but my kids just need time at home, too.  Our home just happens to be on wheels and our yard changes continually.

We have been at the same campground for a while now.  My kids have played all of their games outside numerous times, so now it is time for them to get creative.  I do not let my children say they are bored.  It is naughty to say that.  So, the other day my son, Gabriel, decides he is gonna catch himself a WILD CAT!  Now, let me explain.  There are about 9 homeless cats that live in the ditch by our camper.  They were here when we got here and will be here for long after.  In fact, we found out they have been here for years, just new babies every year.  We decided to feed them while staying.  It is so nice to have them around.  We can't pet them, but they are fun to watch.

Gabriel loves them, but hasn't always.  The siamese cats reminded him of the ones from Lady and the Tramp.  He was scared of those for a while.  Now, he loves them all.  He decided the other day to catch one.

He took the laundry basket, some twine, a bowl of cat food, and determination outside.  He tied the twine to the top of my basket and put the food inside.  As soon as a cat went in the basket to eat, he would pull it over on him!

He tried for almost an hour.  Cats would come in, but he just couldn't catch him.  There are quite a few older men here.  A few of them walked by our camper on the way to the dumpster.  I could see memories flashing before their eyes as they thought of times when they were young.

It was a riot watching him try and try.  Oh how I wished he had caught one.  None today.

He did make a fishing pole from a sword and tied a baby toy to the end and caught a baby today!

I have personally read Bringing Up Boys.  It was an excellent book.  I only have one sister, so the whole male thing had me stumped.  It was hard for me to understand some of the things Cody did when he was little.  But, this book helped me with even more than that.  After reading it, I had a better understanding of my husband, why he does what he does.  I do believe God made man special, just as He did women.  I hate to see men put down in society, like their character traits are less honorable than womens.  I rejoice in the manhood of my men.  I respect and honor them for who they are.  Let's let our boys be boys and our men be men instead of trying to turn them into girls and women!
One note on this book.  There are a lot of studies and statistics in it, so, I just skimmed over them.  I trust Focus on the Family and just wanted to get to the content.  I don't have a lot of time to read, so sometimes I just get to the meat of it.  I read this book about 7 yrs ago, and it has helped me for all of these years.  I probably should skim it over again! 
I do not, I stress, do not think that farting at the table is ok though, Shae and Cody!  That is not manhood, that is just gross!!!!! Love you guys!

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  1. I have stumbled upon your site from FOTR. We are in the process of purchasing a travel trailer and hitting the road in it. We have actually traveled for the last 3 years, but through company housing....time to get our own road home! I have sooooo enjoyed reading your blog! You inspire me!! I will also be purchasing the book you recommended about raising boys. We only have one (and 2 girls) but I think I need a bit more guidance. Thank you for blogging! Look forward to reading more on your adventures!


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