Friday, December 3, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.....

Watching The Sound of Music sure puts a smile on my face tonight.  Sitting around with my children and husband, enjoying each other's company as well as a classic movie. 

There are many difficult times traveling full time in a camper with six children, one of which is a young adult trying to stretch his wings in 42'! 

Yet, the difficulties that we endure are much fewer than the amazing experiences we enjoy.  Spending the last six weeks with my grandmother have been priceless.  My children spending countless hours with aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends have brought a lot of joy, some pains, and much fun. 
Cousin Eleanor in Montana 

We organized an impromptu family reunion held at a Veteran's Center.  I made some phone calls, emailed, and sent messages on face book.  Many relatives came and we had a wonderful time.  To see so many loved ones visiting, laughing, and telling stories was worth more then my entire home.  To watch my grandmother talk and play with my children, Cody play the Bodran with Uncle Steve playing the penny whistle.  Hanna leading worship at a local youth group.  Naomi talking so pleasantly with anyone of any age.  Tytus running to and fro making everyone giggle.  Gabriel and Josie making friends with cousins.

How can I put things and bricks before this?  Things are not eternal, people are.  I do want a house some day; a place to call home.  But, I will not go so far in debt to buy one that we can no longer afford to travel. 

There have been a few hard times while we were here.  Some family and friends are harder to get along with than others, yet, the Bible says that what kind of Christians are we if we only love those who are easy to love!  I saw some walls break down in some relationships here.  It took six weeks to break them down, but they are down none the less.

Great Grandma reading a book to the kids.

We celebrated Advent in the rental cabin on the lake.

Naomi loved making angels in the snow.

Celebrating Great Grandma's 82nd birthday - priceless.

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  1. We're so glad we got to spend time with you guys! It was great to get to know the kids better. I know you were here 6 weeks, but I still wish it was longer :) We can't wait for the Smith Family to return! Love you all!


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