Monday, February 28, 2011

How Time Flies in Between Sickness and Travel!

Literally, time sure has gone by fast.  With six kids, home school, and all of the travel, it is hard to find time for much else.  That is not a complaint, just a fact.

January brought one of the most wild times of our trip.  Sorry to say, I am just too tired to write about it all tonight, but I do want to touch on one aspect of the last two months.

It is so easy to get so busy.  Often times, the busyness is not intentional or even our desire.  Busyness can be thrust upon us and not welcome at all.

Such is the last two months.

We spent one month at an amazing ranch in Texas (details later).  But, while there, we had three different sicknesses!  It was terrible.  It seemed that I had at least one to four children at a time with a fever.  Shae and I even got sick with only Hanna to help us all.  Cody was working on the ranch, so he was busy during the day and helped when he could.  Still, it was such a wonderful time with our new friends.

From there, we went to a camp south of Dallas, where the kids got pink eye!  And, on top of that, we were in an ice storm for five days!  Our camper is not made for that!  It was miserable. 

Leaving there, we had to be in another town to visit family.  The kids were almost over pink eye, but not quite.  We told the family they had it and may still be contagious, but the family didn't care.  They just wanted to see us anyways.

Two weeks of driving to their house almost every day for many wonderful hours was great, but are we exhausted!

What a crazy two months! 

Six weeks of it I didn't have decent internet or cell phone!  I felt like I was in the stone age!

Now, we are at a campground with full hook ups, no visiting, only my husband is sick, and cable tv!  Yes, you read it right!  Cable TV!  We sure are spoiled here!  I have great cell signal and ok internet.  What a treat!

Now, we need a break.  It is time to take some time off to catch up on chores and get some kind of order to our lives.

The other day I was so wore out, I sat in my lawn chair and stared at the lake.  I didn't think, move, or talk for an hour.

I can't wait to share some of our adventures since Jan 1st.   I just have to stay awake long enough to write it!


  1. It's so rough when everyone gets sick -- especially in an RV!

    Oh, and I hear you about the cable. We always celebrate when we land somewhere with cable included (even though we hate television and try not watch it). Hypocrites, I guess. ;)

    See you on the road!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm in awe of the rig you guys haul around. I had to come over and see it... I don't think it registered the first time I visited your site!

    You're obviously having a great time!


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