Friday, May 20, 2011

A New Trick for Items Sliding While Moving a Camper

It is always great to get to talk with other RVers.  Some have been traveling for over 10 years and have a wealth of experience.

We were doing some volunteer work at Lake View Conference Center in Texas.  There were some other volunteers there that we had done  V-work with in Arizona last year.

Janna invited me over for a ladies coffee and snacks.  As I walked into her camper I felt like I had entered an extremely high class home.  The curtains, couches, table,  and kitchen were stunning.  I loved just being in there!

I visited with her for a few minutes, enjoying her homemade muffins.  That is when she mentioned how she traveled with all of her tea pots and expensive glass wear.

She buys the Duck Easy Liner shelf liner.  I have a link for you so you can see what I bought.
I bought the kind that was not the smooth top.  Janna cuts it up into just the right size pieces for what ever she places it under.  The day before they travel, she takes out the pieces of cut liner and puts it under her tea pot, cups, decorations on her coffee table, and other fragile pieces.  She does wrap her extremely fragile tea pot in bubble wrap and puts it in her sink, though.

So, I thought I would give it a try.  We put it across my entire dresser.  My laptop, printer, and other items sit on it.  It seems to keep it from sliding.  We had a terribly bumpy ride through Oklahoma since then and everything was fine.  I do not keep anything near the edge of the dresser, just in case.  Also, our bed slides up to the dresser, so I am hoping that if there was a problem while traveling, any of the items on my dresser would at least fall onto the bed.

It also works great on book shelves, under toys, and under the basket on my washer/dryer that hold laundry soap.  I do have a hook to help hold that shelf, though.

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